You feel calm and enlightened? Move back in with your family for a while - Brida Anderson

You feel calm and enlightened? Move back in with your family for a while

‘If you think you’re spiritual and evolved and enlightened, go home for Christmas and see how it goes,’

… Elizabeth Gilbert says in this video where she talks about life lessons from one of her teachers in India. It’s very funny — and very helpful if you can distract yourself from screaming inside long enough to actually implement what she says. Harder than it sounds, that is.

Why? As she also says in the video,

“In AA they always say to you, ‘How come your family knows how to push your buttons? Because they installed them. They know where they are because they put them in you.”


I don’t think the lessons she talks about here are restricted to family, though. We run into a lot of people that push our buttons or where you have to make the choice: “If I have to love all people, can I love this person, truly? Or does s/he belong in the group of people I can only love from a safe distance?” ;-) The video’s from November 2014 but well worth (re)watching.

If the embedding works, here it is:


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