Urban Fantasy


Game-designer Alanna struggles to finish a project on time. What starts out as a regular IT job turns into something much more mysterious when all computers go crazy at Alanna’s touch. She has awakened as a mage—and knows nothing about magic.

To keep her job and to fight for her place among the mages, Alanna turns to the mysterious Mattis.
Mattis is the best mage Alanna has come across and a great teacher, but she soon finds out that he doesn’t help her out of the goodness of his heart.
When their time runs out, who will Mattis choose: his mission or Alanna?

Hedge Games – Book 1 of the Astoria Files


When the magic awakes, you play with your life

368 pages

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Poison Patch – Book 2 of the Astoria Files


New world, new rules — this time, Alanna takes the game to Faerie


324 pages

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