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The sounds of Urban Fantasy

Research on the Poison Patch front: What is the sound a sword makes that is pushed back into the scabbard? It’s not slid back, it’s shoved in with a decisive push and that makes a nice, short…clattering sound, for lack of a better word.

Googling for possible words brought me to TV Tropes. Love their entry “Audible Sharpness“, with such highlights as:

When weapons with sharp and cutting edges are brandished, a vaguely metallic sound effect will be inserted (along with a bit of Lens Flare) to signify just how lethally sharp the weapon is.The tone of the sharpness, as with musical instruments, is dependent on size.

Common in animated works, sometimes as a trope, and sometimes as a humorous subversion. Sometimes even non-metal objects make a metallic scraping sound, like a predator’s row upon row of pointed teeth.

Keep in mind, the creators know that sharp things don’t make noise.

Right at the top of the page I came across a quote from one of my favorite novels. I fell in love all over again and just had to stop work on revising Poison Patch to make a picture out of the Terry Pratchett quote. Hope you like! Here it is to share:


Claws make no noise Quote Terry Pratchett
I totally agree. Swords should make a fat ringing sound when pulled from any scabbard, even stealthy leather ones, and claws need a ZING to show their sharpness. ;-) Don’t you agree?

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