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Company Details

“Brida Anderson” is a pen name of author Nina Weber. So any texts, blogposts, facebook and other social media posts etc. by “Brida Anderson” are written and published by Nina Weber.

Nina Weber
Millöckerweg 6
58313 Herdecke


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Copyright all photos and other graphic content unless otherwise stated or bought at stockphoto agencies

© Nina Weber, Herdecke

“Seashell with light-blue background” by Istvan Sass

“Beautiful Woman eye close-up and butterfly” by @Kanea / Fotolia

“Dark magic forest and sunshine” by Elena Schweitzer/Shutterstock

“forest trees. nature green wood, sunlight backgrounds” by vovan / Shutterstock

All texts and photos on this page are protected by copyright, you may not use any of the material unless allowed by German copyright law or unless you have written permission from the creator. This applies as well to any form of translation and repurposing into other media form or products.

Author photos
“Steampunk Brida” by Babs Huber
“Brida und Bordercollie Seamus” by Esther Szolnoki
“Brida in black and white” by Lichtschacht Photography, Essen


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