Character Agency and what else to learn from Dragon Age as a writer - Brida Anderson

Character Agency and what else to learn from Dragon Age as a writer

If you love games and fantasy books, read Chuck Wendig’s post:  “Dragon Age Inquisition. A writer’s perspective”.

Screenshot Dragon Age Chuck Wendig


Chuck’s current (or maybe all-time) bone to pick is character agency. In this and follow-up posts, he had a lot of very interesting things to say about agency which aren’t just interesting to writers.

Also interesting how he takes apart a whole game from a writer’s and a player’s perspective.

Also check out his other recent post on character agency, looking at female characters, HOW “STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS” STILL END UP WEAK AND POWERLESS (OR, “DO THEY PASS THE ACTION FIGURE TEST?”).

It’s especially great to read if you like to read (or write!) kick-ass heroines with a lot of oomph.

Over to you. What do you think? How come so many “strong” heroines end up weak when it counts?


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