Poison Patch

Poison Patch

Astoria Files, Book 2

Series: Astoria Files

Alanna Atwood isn’t your average game designer. Her team are a bunch of wizards and the IT company they work at is a front for a secret guild of mages—complimentary magic training and a flatrate of spell supplies included.

But the man she loves needs help, so Alanna drops everything in Toronto and follows Mattis home.  Getting there doesn’t involve an airplane, but a portal, because Mattis is a disgraced warrior from Faerie.

When Mattis falls sick, it’s up to Alanna to save Faerie and her lover. If only anyone believed her that the murderous thorns aren’t the only problem…

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A praiseworthy sequel to the first novel of The Astoria Files, utterly enjoyable. A lovely universe with special mood. I love the modern world elves. Now on to the third book!
-- Reviewer
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Great book, loved every bit of it, cannot wait for the next one! Well done Brida, for a new author you are superb.
-- Elizabeth
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