Redhead, loving Joss Whedon and all things elf.

I write Urban Fantasy and Steampunk.
Years ago, I started out writing non-fiction for publishing houses under my real name Nina Weber.  For my series of Urban Fantasy novels, I use the pen name Brida Anderson, so that people looking for Urban Fantasy don’t stumble across books about parenting and everyday rituals. ;-)
In winter 2013, Hedge Games was published, book 1 about Alanna and Mattis, game developer and elf warrior.

I had planned to start on the sequel at once, but life intervened: We moved to the Middle East. Poison Patch, Book 2 of the Astoria Files, was published in 2016. For the next books in the series I switched to my other native language of German. I hope that some day soon “Greifenmorgen” (Gryphon Morning), “Dornenlicht” (Thorn Light) and “Winterfee” (Winter Kiss) will be translated into English. I’m currently writing the 5th and last book in the Astoria Files series, to be published in summer 2020.
If you speak German, keep your eyes peeled for that — and for more from Robin Armstrong, Ward Breaker Witch and marshmallow-aficionado. Her series of books will be next.
I hope you like what you read – here and in my books. :-)

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Bibliography and Future Works

Series 1: The Astoria Files

Urban Fantasy with a touch of Romance



Total length of the series will be 5 or 6 novels with 70 to 100K words each.

Other Works in German

  • “Schwingen” in: MECHANISCHE GEISTER, Vol 4 of the STEAMPUNK CHRONIKEN-series (Steampunk anthology in German)
  • “Für eine Faust voll Federn” in: STAUB UND AETHER, Vol. 1 of the AETHERWESTERN (Steampunk/Aether western anthology in German)
  • “Drachenrollen” in MÜTTER, eine Anthologie, Hrsg. Anja Bagus in der Edition Roter Drache Verlag
  • “Der Duft des Feuers” in: AETHERWELT, Sonderband der STEAMPUNK CHRONIKEN hrsgg. von Stefan Holzhauer