Not amused.

I just saw that now images all over the blog are broken. :-/ I am so sorry if you find me through a post that looks like a wasteland because all the images are gone. (And isn’t it such a sad sight to see that little broken rectangle that signals the loss of a link? I cringe when I see that, even if it’s not on my own blog.)

How that happened …Now that my previous Weebly-site and the free WordPress blog are offline, the links to images on there stopped working.

I’ll go through the blog over the next weeks and will fix all broken images or links. If you come across any that I missed, please tell me. Thank you so much!

In unrelated news: We’re still being kept awake at night by our new fae kitten, Robin.

the only one of about 100 photos where she isn't blurred from action ;-)

the only of about 100 photos where she isn’t blurred from action ;-)


She’s probably too young to stay on her own over night — and she makes it known in loud meows. At 3, at 4, at 5:30 … She’s about 9 weeks old now. We’re hoping when she’s older she won’t feel so lonely when we disappear in our bedroom. She’s actually not crying or mewling when we leave for the night. She plays and naps and eats. It’s just in the middle of the night that she seems to realize: Oh man, I’m soooo boooored. We’re adding cat trees and calming scent.