Kristen Lamb’s books (see previous post) gave me the much-needed kick to the pants to try Twitter for real – so far, I had only been posting via Facebook. (One of the embarrassing side effects of that is that we do not see when someone mentions us in a tweet. Especially embarrassing when they ask a question about the Facebook post, and our answer pops in three months later … cough *hides under a rock*)
So, anyway:
As most Twitter newbs, I guess, I was looking around for who to follow, after adding friends and authors from my network. Especially who to add that would post stuff that could help me with my current book project – my fantasy novel where magic, gaming and tech mix. 
Really by accident, before I even started a search for that, I came across a list of “Who to follow on Twitter?” posts from last month, December 2012. Perhaps my mouse was guided by the good angel of all writers? (And what does he look like, I wonder … :-)
Two of the Engadget-Series popped out for me / for my book especially: Who should I follow … Women in Tech and Who Should I Follow … Gaming Edition.
In each post, there are also good additional suggestions in the comments. The tweets that came in from the ones I picked off the Engadget lists were a nice addition to the  fairy / #amwriting / nanowrimo /need coffee now! tweets I get in Tweetdeck so far.
Do you have other suggestions? I am especially still very green on hashtags and how to find the right hashtag for what I am looking for (for example “faerie”, “fairy”, … were all a bust so far).