To help you tackle your projects in a state of working-in-flow (the bliss of it! yuuuum) I created a free printable for you.

It’s based on my Procrastination Challenge which was inspired by Leo Babauta’s Post “The No Procrastination Challenge“.

You fill in the 1-2-3 projects that most need your undivided attention today. Then you’ll decide what you’ll do in the (short) breaks between bursts of concentration.

I included ideas what to do on break-time.

There are two versions for download:

  • with graphics
  • without graphics, to save on ink and bandwidth
Link to free Printable for the No-Procrastination Challenge

Free Printable No-Procrastination

Download free printable

Link to free Printable for the No-Procrastination Challenge (no graphics)

Printable for the No-Procrastination Challenge (no graphic)

Download free printable

Just right-click on the graphic and choose “save file as: ….”.

More than 3 projects?

  • If you have time for more than 3 flow-working states, I’d enter the time for a project as “3 x 40 minutes” or similar.
  • Don’t pick more than 3 projects, it will just make you feel frazzle-brained. (Speaking from experience here ;-)
  • Instead, keep 1-2 hours of working time unaccounted for in the Challenge and tackle the smaller todo’s in that time.

Tip I learned from productivity coach Michelle over at Bombchelle:

Buy a cheap glass frame you like, print out the worksheet and put it behind glass. Now you can fill it in each day with an erasable marker pen and don’t have to print it out again each day. That’s what I’m doing and that’s why I like printables with graphics.

Reposting, Sharing

I’m putting this under a CC license. You can freely repost it, share it, tweak it – as long as you attribute me (Brida Anderson) and link back to my website (

Celtic Knotwork graphic by the talented Jay Hagenhoff. (The graphic on its own is not covered by the license.)