Hey, I’ve found a niche for graphic designers ;-)

Well, not a well-paying niche, I guess.

I’ve been turning Google search and DeviantArt upside down looking for faerie-themed social media icons for this blog. Without success, so far. Either the links are expired or, usually, the rights are unclear.

What am I looking for?

A hint of elfishness/fae. Nothing too cute (pink fairies? ;-) Glitter) since it’s for Urban Fantasy.

Maybe moss-tones or tree-green, maybe a hint of wing or snaking tendril …


This “Green Jelly” icon set is the closest I could find (via DeviantArt):

Green jelly icon set

(No mention of rights, but lots of positive replies on people using them, so I hope it’s okay.)


I can’t afford much but I would have paid up to 10$ for a ready-made icon set, provided it includes E-Mail, Pinterest, Twitter, Flickr, RSS, Facebook, Google+

Coming up empty on anything “faerie”-themed, I would have settled for one of the beautiful watercolour-type icon sets in green hues. But either the rights were murky or some icons I needed were missing.

Put up an “ad” in the Facebook Faeries group, maybe they have a link for me. And will trail Etsy for someone offering customization for little money. I’d love to pay more for a graphic designer with nice ideas but as indie-author I’m glad if what I make from my books pays for my coffee … ;-)

If you know of an icon set that might fit this site: I’d love to hear it! :-)