While battling with a stomach bug, over the Christmas holidays I read Kristen Lamb’s two books “We are not alone” (I read the Kindle version) and “Are you there Blog? It’s me, Writer” (Kindle Edition; link to the print version), both on the topic of Social Media for authors. (Upside to lying sick in bed: Hours and hours of kid-free reading time ;-))
Kristen’s are the first books on the topic of social media for writers that I have read, and if we ignore the typos that drove my ex-editor’s heart to palpitations (occupational hazard ;-), I can whole-heartedly recommend these books to writers. 

It was intriguing to read advice about social media and blogging solely from a writer’s perspective. Relaxing also, if for once we do not have to do the mental gymnastics of trying to translate any advice to the special circumstances of writers and books.
Of course I have yet to see whether her advice works out in “real life” (my other blog has been sleeping for 2 years), but on the page her examples looked helpful and spot-on. I also felt very caught out (in a good way) in small details like her warning of the “Bright Idea Fairy” that pops up whenever a writer contemplates starting a blog. One of the bright ideas: Write the blog from the POV of a character. Another one: Fill a blog with snippets from your fiction. … She not only states rules (though they are rather … guidelines ;-), but always explains whyshe thinks something is a bad idea, which I found really helpful.
Are there books on the topic you can recommend?