First attempt at doing 3 rounds of focused work, with zero distractions. (For the rules I gave myself for this challenge, see The Procrastination Challenge: Day 0.)

I worked 30 minutes until my husband and son fetched me to lunch.

Man, those 30 minutes were hard!

Brida's Procrastination Challenge

My tablet kept beeping with new Facebook comments and messages. We had just heard that our dog had to be put to sleep (we had to leave him with my parents-in-law because he was too sick to travel to Qatar with us), and had, reluctantly, posted on Facebook about it so our friends would know. I wasn’t in the mood to write my manuscript on how to find inner calm — I was yearning to read my friends’ comforting comments  …

But I only had these 30 minutes alone at the clubhouse, keeping an eye on my oldest while he was swimming, while my husband (who’s sick with a severe cold) wrestled with our youngest.

So I ignored the siren call of the tablet and wrote until my family came over for lunch.
My husband left first, putting our youngest to bed for his nap and I followed when he was asleep. Snuck upstairs and wrote 30 minutes more on the project. First chunk of focussed writing done.
Break time.

My rule says:

Do only empowering breaks. I’ll do a 15 minute-break, but without Facebook, Pinterest. I can do yoga, prepare a coffee, water the plants outside.

Except … I was caught in our new guestroom, with only a desk and bed. Couldn’t risk going downstairs to fetch anything (don’t laugh. You parents can relate, I’m sure ;-)

So much for taking a break that entailed yoga, right?
Reluctantly, I did a few hero-pose variations, looking out the window. I heard my back and neck crack softly from eased strain.

Felt my body take a deep grateful breath — I was doing yoga for the first time in weeks, ever since my youngest ongoing illness had started.
The hero-poses eased into a flow of standing postures without a conscious thought from me. Hero, Forward Bends, Twists, Balance Postures of different kinds.
I didn’t look at a watch, so I’m not sure, but I think it was 10 minutes.
I drank a big glass of water and sat down for the next round of working without procrastination.

I had planned to work on the nonfiction manuscript for one more round, then polish my Aetherpunk Western short story for the third round. But because of the grief for our dog and because today (on the weekend) I’ll only have two rounds of no-procrastination writing, I’ll jump straight to corrections.

Seamus, missing you so much. You were a great dog!


Brida Anderson and border collie Seamus


Here you are, a year after we got you from the Border Collie Rescue: