Day 1 of the Procrastination challenge means: taking stock so you can apply the rules (for rules, see The Procrastination Challenge: Day 0).
Take a deep breath and check: What’s on your desk? (literally and metaphorically speaking)

Brida's Procrastination Challenge
Pile it all up, favorite  projects and “grrr, must do this” alike.
Focus on the “creative” projects in your given field. What you always wish you had more time and calm for.

Non-creative projects like inbox-cleaning, bill-paying and such are also better done in bulk, but you can do them anytime, not especially in your precious full-concentration-no-procrastination hour/s.

What’s important? What brings you closer to your goal or dream?

Use helpful tools like Leonie’s Amazing Year-Planner (“Create your Amazing Year”, there’s a biz and life edition), Getting Things Done or whichever speaks to you most to hone your list of Most Important Tasks.

Whittle it down to two or three tasks you will focus on for this week/this month. Make a list.

Two projects for my 3 rounds of no-procrastination

Day 1 sees me picking two projects from the list: Writing on my current non-fiction project “Finding Calm inside Myself” (deadline is end of August, but there’s school vacation for all of August, so the deadline for me is end of July).

And reworking my entry for the Aetherpunk Western anthology (“For a fistful of Feathers”). I got detailed feedback from critique partners and the next round of critiquers is waiting for the improved version of the story.
What are your two or three projects you’ll tackle in today’s 3 rounds of no-procrastination writing?
So, setting the timer for the first (and longest) round of 50 minutes and off we go. (For “rules” see The Procrastination Challenge: Day 0.)
See you on the other side.