Hey, procrastination challenge wasn’t even a few hours old when I ran into my first roadblock. I had totally forgotten that this Thursday (last workday of the week here in Qatar) I was booked at my son’s school. They did a sleepover from Wednesday to Thursday. And my job was to show up at 7 am (with 5 other moms), to prep breakfast for 14 ravenous and sleep-deprived kids and then do crafts with them all day until at 1 PM their parents would pick them up again.
So much for Day 1 of the No-Procrastination Challenge. %-)



I took my notebook to school with me, in case some free time would miraculously appear. Hope is eternal, right? ;-)

I didn’t manage to get in some writing time, but it was still time well spent, getting to know my son’s new school, his teacher and the other children in his class.

The ice-breaker were my shoes ;-) Vibram toe-shoes. A lot of kids came over to our table to ask me questions. “Why do you wear such freaky shoes?” When I said “because they’re really comfy and you can climb all trees in them”, they were duly impressed and asked for help with their craft project. ;-)

A day well-spent. :-) Just not very productive for my current writing projects.