My friend Istvan tagged me on Facebook for the Hungarian Poetrix Challenge. A chance to pour something else than ice water or kittens (yeah, guilty since we adopted one a short while ago! ;-) into each other’s timeline.
Istvan writes:

The Hungarian Poetrix Challenge: some guy some time ago tagged ten of his friends and challenged them to share their favorite poems on their timelines. I am pushing it beyond the borders of Hungary, challenging you hereby. Spread it! No cold water is involved, however, you are free to soothe your conscience by donating to whatever charity you like. Let us know your favorite piece of poetry and tag three friends.

One of my favorite poems is from Emily Dickinson, “I taste a liquor never brewed”.

Photo: Brida Anderson

Photo: Brida Anderson

I taste a liquor never brewed
From Tankards scooped in pearl
Not all the Vats upon the Rhine
Yield such an Alcohol!

Inebriate of Air am I
And Debauchee of Dew
Reeling thru endless summer days
From inns of Molten Blue

When “Landlords” turn the drunken Bee
Out of the Foxglove’s door
When Butterflies renounce their “drams”
I shall but drink the more!

Till Seraphs swing their snowy hats
And Saints to windows run
To see the little Tippler
Leaning against the—Sun.

As usual with Emily Dickinson, the poem can be about a lot of things. An ode to earthly delights. Maybe the beauty and mystery of nature – or pleasures of any other kind. I like the ambiguity of it. And the underlying sense of being inebriated from nature, the very air around us thrumming with it. The summery feeling of the poem. Surrounded by all sorts of bees, butterflies, “molten blue” flowers, foxgloves (fey flowers, by the way). Overdoing it, till “seraphs swing their snowy hats (…) to see the little tippler leaning against the sun”. Just beautiful. :-)


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