Just came across this heading on ebay: organic goa elf bio eco medieval hippie Zipfel ethno. (That’s just one jacket :-D)
Made me smile to find my description all in one place ;-)
I tried to find something comparable on ebay.com for you, but it seems sellers there actually make up their mind if the article is targeted to LARP or goa or hippie types. ;-)
In Germany, you can often find titles like this:
Sometimes with: wicca psy bohemian gypsy or yoga/om thrown in the mix. :-)
I have a feeling Alexandra Franzen or Kristen Lamb would know how to turn clothes-shopping into a keyword-exercise for the author-bio. ;-)
Is there a nice, universal word for “Zipfel” in English?
It’s a pointy end of a garment (lappet, tail) or the pointy end of a hoodie / soft hat.
In German, “Zipfel” has connotations of mischief, elves, gnomes, fairies, kiddie wear. In more recent times of Goa or Psy clothes.

I hadn’t seen anything in the style until I was in the first draft of Hedge Games, looking for something elfish to dress Mattis with while he was hiding out in plain sight among the humans. He’d wear a natural fibre, something elfish looking and something that wouldn’t restrict his movements if he had to conjure or fight. On a fair, I came nose to lapel with a gorgeous green goa shirt for guys … The rest is history ;-)

The following is a Psy shirt. In the first draft of Hedge Games, Mattis lived for years among humans and dressed more Psy/gamer than elfish. There’s unfortunately more Psy stuff for guys than Goa/elf wear.
If you come across shirts for guys, please let me know so I can add them to my Faerieland-board at Pinterest. :-)

Psy men shirt Shaman Electro Hedge Games elf wear

Liquid Dragon men’s shirt in green/black from Shaman Electro
Brida Anderson in elf wear goa yoga hippie shirt with om skirt

Me in a “yoga om elf zipfel goa hippie” shirt. Don’t even get me started on the skirt ;-)