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Lengthy comment? Blog instead

Came across something interesting at – what to do when you feel a lengthy comment on someone else’s blog is needed.
I don’t mind reading long comments if they’re written well and fitting (thematically) the original blogpost.
But when commenting myself, I was always torn between: say what I felt needed to be added OR keeping it brief, as everyone suggests you should do.

Blogging en plein air by Mike Licht via Flickr / Creative Commons

Blogging en plein air by Mike Licht via Flickr / Creative Commons

The WordPress tutorial suggests:

Keep your comment bite-sized. If you have a lot to say on something you’ve read, leave a brief comment, then add a link to a post on your own blog where you’ve replied to or expanded on the topic at hand — it’s a clever way to engage readers who share your interests. If a comment stretches into multiple paragraphs, you’ve probably got a post on your hands.
(source: Emphasis mine)

Without this reminder, I wouldn’t have dared to, I think. My impression was: Who am I to not just leave a comment, like everyone else, but to take this blogpost and add my own input/spin?

Since reading the suggestion on WordPress, I’ve talked to some long-time bloggers and felt I’ve grown a bit more comfortable in my blogger boots (I imagine them like worn fae pirate boots ;-).

Lesson learned: Picking up that other blogger’s post (not his post verbatim! just mentioning what got me started and adding a backlink), adding a different thought, discussing it in depth at my own blog, means I’m joining the conversation. Whereas when I add a mile-long comment to another’s blogpost that introduces two new ideas or points worth discussing, I maybe (unintentionally) hijack the the comment-thread. So it’s better to write that post and put the link to it under the original blogger’s post. They assured me it’s easy to tell at one glance who really did read your post and added some original thoughts and who is just trying to get some backlinks to his/her blog.

Much to learn.
What do you think?

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