Guys, a little update from Doha:

I’ve wanted to give you my short-story “Three Days of Christmas” for free ever since I wrote it. But Amazon changed to the minimum-price shortly before I first uploaded it there, so I stayed with that and set it to 0 Dollars whenever Amazon allows me to.

Recently, I came across a way to set it permafree in the Indie-Author-Survivalguide. Yay!

Have been battling all of this morning to do this. The eBook platform Neobooks was recommended to me for extended distribution and I signed up, uploaded all my stuff for “Three Days of Christmas”  and “Hedge Games“. Only to realize (duh!) that they don’t distribute to the English-speaking branches of known ebook retailers. So I signed up with Smashwords and put “Three Days of Christmas” and “Hedge Games” on there. So far, it hasn’t worked. Just minor tweakings are needed, but the parents among you know how long “a few little things” take if you’re working AND taking care of children. And a new cat!! :-D

Yep. She just arrived out of the blue to this household of dog-lovers. (We had to leave our dog in Germany because he was so sick with cancer and he died 2 weeks ago, very hard to bear. :-/)

My son and I found an almost skeletal kitten right outside 3 days ago. I knew the kitten didn’t at all fit in our plans for the summer or for living in Doha, plus we were still grieving for our dog. But what’s the alternative? I couldn’t walk away and leave her to die.

So, new kitten in the house, 4 or 6 weeks old … Gives new meaning to the joke on the internet: “I’m not easily distrac – oh, look, is that a kitten?” ;-)

She’s quickly adjusting to life with an author, though:

cat puzzled between keyboard mouse and ipod

Cat Puzzle (look at that perfectly fitting ear!)

We’re currently looking for someone in Doha (Qatar) to take good care of her while we fly back to Germany for 3 weeks. At the moment, that takes precedence over writing or tweaking files for Smashwords. ;-)

Until I resolve the file-tweaking with Smashwords, “Hedge Games” isn’t available as ePub on Kobo. On the up-side: Through Smashwords, it’ll be available and many more book platforms than I could manage on my own.

While you wait, you can entertain yourself with some eyecandy ;-) – Mattis’s very own Pinterest board. Or the nice photo a friend suggested for the new cover of “Three Days of Christmas”, tweaked to look medieval, of course ;-)

Mattis board on Pinterest