They are here, the days of the Summer Solstice, of lying in the grass, listening to the whispering trees and murmuring brooks nearby …

To take this summery feeling back into town with you, there’s thankfully more and more “elf-fashion” around. As one of the elf-fashion creators, Babacool, calls it “fairytale clothes for reality”.

Speaking of: The guys from Babacool just sent out their summer catalogue. I have only one shirt from them so far, it’s all I could afford (maybe it’s because they’re based in Switzerland?). But seeing the photos for their newest summer elf-fashion makes me dream:


Babacool Summer 2014 Elf Fashion

Image: Babacool 2014


If you get the chance, you should check out their bricks-and-mortar store in Solothurn, Switzerland (Löwengasse 4), it’s where, according to them,

… fairy-tale beings and far-east ambience embrace. […]. Even if you’re not looking for Alaadin pants, goblin jackets or elf dresses, you’ll find all kinds of wonderful things in the store, for example fluorescent jewelry, Asian carvings, airbrushed wall hangings.

While you check out that store, I’ll follow coincidence somewhere else:

I ordered some outfits via ebay to wear to a summer LARP festival. I had them sent to my parents-in-law who live in a small town in the middle of Germany. In the middle of nowhere, basically. If you want to go shopping, you drive about one hour to the next biggest town.

The ebay seller contacted me and told me to come by their shop before I left for the summer LARP, to make sure the stuff fit. Turns out,  they not only have an online-business but a real store for LARP and fantasy/elf wear – and it’s in a village next to the town where my in-laws live!

I never knew while visiting them. :-) If you’re driving by: the shop name is Ansuma Magica; they’re at Vierbacher Str. 46, 37290 Germerode/ Meißner. Opening hours depend on when you want to go: drop them an email or give them a call to arrange a visit.

I’m compiling more elf-wear addresses for you over the summer. If you know of a shop that you like, drop me a message or a tweet and I’ll include it.