I’ve recently seen “Guardians of the Galaxy”. I went with no expectations, dreading that a movie followed in the Avengers’ footsteps which cast a RACCOON as one of the characters. I hoped I’d just be gently let down, if not turned off completely.

The exact opposite happened: My husband and I had a really great time and both loved the movie. Even the raccoon. Maybe especially the raccoon, for entirely writerly reasons.

Of course I also loved Groot. Since I don’t have the space or tons of polymer clay needed to build a “big” Groot, I googled “mini groot polymer clay” with my kids.

What I found blew my kids away (who haven’t seen the movie).


Take a look at the video below and then let’s say it together: 
Aaaaaaaawwwww, so cute! :-)

It’s well-done (I thought, but I’m not a polymer clay expert) polymer clay tutorial from NerdEcrafter for a dancing Mini-Groot 
Okay, he doesn’t really dance, no electricity/no moveable joints. But he looks like he could, any second now! :-D