Fantasy and fairy artist Amy Brown has recently added some more printable coloring pages to her website; you can find them here: Elf / Fairy Coloring pages.
Just download and open in a PDF-Reader like Acrobat; print out in the size you want. Great for children — and fairy-loving moms, too ;-)


Fantasy Artist Amy Brown’s Website with Shop and Free Coloring Pages
A fairy in my window
Here’s something else you can try: Print out the fairy enlarged, so that the lines are not so fine. It doesn’t matter if it looks somewhat pixellated. Slip the template into a clear plastic sleeve and you or your child can paint it with window-colors. (If the fairy is big, you can paint her in several pieces and later her join her together on the window. It works best if you make the pieces something where you have a black “border” line anyway.)

There are typical “fairy” window colors available in toy-stores and online, like pastels and silver.

After it’s dried, you can carefully peel it off and decorate your house with it.

You can also send the plastic sleeve (carefully wadded) to someone else as a gift. Last year, someone sent me a red-haired mermaid as a thank-you gift – my boys and I all loved her and she has been hanging in our bathroom ever since. :)

Can’t find the photo of the mermaid in our current moving-out chaos; but here’s another one I drew for our bathroom, based on Emily Windsnap (from the books). It’s a scan of the black borders; I later painted her in.