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Organic goa elf bio eco medieval hippie Zipfel ethno

Just came across this heading on ebay: organic goa elf bio eco medieval hippie Zipfel ethno. (That’s just one jacket :-D)
Made me smile to find my description all in one place ;-)
I tried to find something comparable on for you, but it seems sellers there actually make up their mind if the article is targeted to LARP or goa or hippie types. ;-)
In Germany, you can often find titles like this:
Sometimes with: wicca psy bohemian gypsy or yoga/om thrown in the mix. :-)
I have a feeling Alexandra Franzen or Kristen Lamb would know how to turn clothes-shopping into a keyword-exercise for the author-bio. ;-)
Is there a nice, universal word for “Zipfel” in English?
It’s a pointy end of a garment (lappet, tail) or the pointy end of a hoodie / soft hat.
In German, “Zipfel” has connotations of mischief, elves, gnomes, fairies, kiddie wear. In more recent times of Goa or Psy clothes.

I hadn’t seen anything in the style until I was in the first draft of Hedge Games, looking for something elfish to dress Mattis with while he was hiding out in plain sight among the humans. He’d wear a natural fibre, something elfish looking and something that wouldn’t restrict his movements if he had to conjure or fight. On a fair, I came nose to lapel with a gorgeous green goa shirt for guys … The rest is history ;-)

The following is a Psy shirt. In the first draft of Hedge Games, Mattis lived for years among humans and dressed more Psy/gamer than elfish. There’s unfortunately more Psy stuff for guys than Goa/elf wear.
If you come across shirts for guys, please let me know so I can add them to my Faerieland-board at Pinterest. :-)

Psy men shirt Shaman Electro Hedge Games elf wear

Liquid Dragon men’s shirt in green/black from Shaman Electro
Brida Anderson in elf wear goa yoga hippie shirt with om skirt

Me in a “yoga om elf zipfel goa hippie” shirt. Don’t even get me started on the skirt ;-)

Great Pinterest Boards: Visit the heart of the forest

Truly magical places are hidden deep in the woods. Inside the cool green cathedral of the trees you can find calm and clarity.
With Pinterest boards like Dominique’s “Deep in the Forest”, you can feel a touch of it at home.
Pinterest Tip by Brida Anderson: Deep in the Forest

Great Pinterest Boards: Dreams of Mermaids

For a refreshing splash in the cold ocean, travel to Stephanie Schindler’s Pinterst board “Mermaid Love”.

For me, mermaids are a part of Faerie-lore. Love the collection of mermaid photos in different styles (even a rare merman in the mix!) and mermaid accys, from earrings to a seashell-encrusted steering wheel.


Creating a fairy house with kids

Saturday morning in Qatar (which is a Friday morning in the rest of the world): I get out the painting and drawing utensils to give my youngest some much-needed free art time. (Much needed because his nursery here in Qatar is very much different from a German one, even though we tried to find one with a more relaxed schedule. More on that some other time.)”Tinterbell!” he shouts (he’s turning 3 soon). “Want Tinterbell!” He shoves the DVD with “Tinkerbell – The Great Fairy Rescue” under my nose.
“You can watch TV later, now we want to paint a little.”
He flat out refuses. Until I have the idea: “We’ll create a fairy-house. Like Lizzy does in the movie!”
Both children whoop with excitement.
I love it that they’re still at that age (the oldest is 7) where they can totally excited about stuff like that. :-)

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

We get out all the “raw materials” I have been saving for weeks now. There’s not a lot of crafting supplies for kids to be found in Qatar, at least not the kind that’s so cheap you don’t wince when a 2-year old goes to town with it and creates … uh … marvelous architecture from a box of stuff and a ton of glue and paint in 20 minutes. ;-)
So I saved all sorts of food containers, buttons, cardboard. Bought feathers, pipe cleaners, beads. Fabric scraps at IKEA (I guess you could also get great stuff at the Souqs but I haven’t ventured that far yet; just for some evening strolling and dinner).
Pair that with kid-friendly colors for the 2-year old plus acrylic colors and mediums for the 7-year old and me.We ended up making 3 separate houses but we all together created the biggest one. The youngest got distraugt after an hour (!) of cutting, painting and gluing that the house “won’t be ready when Tinterbell wants to go to bed”. I assured him Tinker Bell would be fine, but he grabbed another cardboard box, glued some knitting yarn inside, splashed color over it and hurried outside with it so it was “ready when she comes”. :-)
I hope he won’t be too disappointed when no fairy has moved into after we wake him from his nap now :-)

My oldest decided to create his own house, also from a shoe box, to test out different color schemes and because he wanted to glue “jewels” onto the floor, like a treasure map.

I’m still super-astonished that he could concentrate on this task longer even than me. After 4 hours of painting, glueing, carving, … he was still totally focused. I, on the other hand, was yearning for more coffee, the couch … and kept nudging him that “actually, we had wanted to play Pandemic while your brother is napping … ” No chance.
I can highly suggest this project for anyone (with or without kids) who loves to work with mixed media! We ended up using everything in our arsenal: gold, different mediums, glitter dust (on the bed, the roof, the fairy bath tub), modeling paste for the roof structure (isn’t really visible on the photos), found objects that were turned into furniture, fabric … In Europe, I would have used much more twigs, moss, … for a fairy house.

The roof will later be covered with large leaves we made weeks ago from salt-dough. :-)
It’s a good mind-cleanse, akin to meditation, to play with “fairy color”-schemes, with light-reflecting objects, small bells, nature materials.

Great Pinterest Boards: Character Inspiration Fantasy

Especially dryads and winged fae populate this Pinterest board, but if you’re writing fantasy (or love to read it), you can find lots of inspiration for different characters on Emily Hagan’s D&D-board.
For my own writing, I like to put “light” characters like hers next to darker, eerie boards with fae and explore the tension between the two.
D&D Characters on Pinterest, tip Brida Anderson

Great Pinterest boards: Enchanting Paths (elves, calm, zen)

Curving paths by quiet lakes, walking toward a blood-red horizon, glimpses of a magical forest … Anyone looking for inspiration for their fantasy or romance writing and anyone looking for a little Zen on Pinterest, have a look at the board “Enchanted Paths”.

I’ve been collecting Pinterest boards for you guys for a while now (faerie, elves, Steampunk, photography) but due to our move abroad didn’t find the time yet to actually post them on here.

So here’s the first from the growing pile slumbering in my Evernote.


Time to color in some fairies for Christmas

Fantasy and fairy artist Amy Brown has recently added some more printable coloring pages to her website; you can find them here: Elf / Fairy Coloring pages.
Just download and open in a PDF-Reader like Acrobat; print out in the size you want. Great for children — and fairy-loving moms, too ;-)


Fantasy Artist Amy Brown’s Website with Shop and Free Coloring Pages
A fairy in my window
Here’s something else you can try: Print out the fairy enlarged, so that the lines are not so fine. It doesn’t matter if it looks somewhat pixellated. Slip the template into a clear plastic sleeve and you or your child can paint it with window-colors. (If the fairy is big, you can paint her in several pieces and later her join her together on the window. It works best if you make the pieces something where you have a black “border” line anyway.)

There are typical “fairy” window colors available in toy-stores and online, like pastels and silver.

After it’s dried, you can carefully peel it off and decorate your house with it.

You can also send the plastic sleeve (carefully wadded) to someone else as a gift. Last year, someone sent me a red-haired mermaid as a thank-you gift – my boys and I all loved her and she has been hanging in our bathroom ever since. :)

Can’t find the photo of the mermaid in our current moving-out chaos; but here’s another one I drew for our bathroom, based on Emily Windsnap (from the books). It’s a scan of the black borders; I later painted her in.


Elf-Fairs and Fey Events 2014

A list of Elf-Fayres / Faerie-Events / fae-gatherings for 2014, complete with dates and link to the website.I will update the events based on what I find. There’s not a lot for North-America yet, for example. If you know of any elf-gathering / fae-festival that I haven’t mentioned, please leave a comment and I’ll add it. :-)The letters at the front are the international country codes:
GB for Great Britain
NL for the Netherlands
D for Germany (Deutschland)


Magic lake in Germany with a statue for “Frau Holle” from the fairytale of the same name

Fey Events 2014 – Conventions, LARP, festivals and markets

January 2014
GB – Jan. 31st, 2014 Imbolc Faery Ball at Glastonbury Assembly Rooms. “A Faery fundraiser for the White Spring with The Dolmen & Serpentyne”March 2014
GB – March 8th/9th: Avalon Faery Ball with Faerie and Steampunk Market at Glastonbury Town Hall. With Brian and Wendy Froud, Professor Elemental, Seas of Mirth and FaerealityApril 2014
D – April 19-21st 2014 HobbitCon 2014 at at MARITIM Hotel Bonn, Godesberger Allee, 53175 Bonn
NL – Elfia Festival at Castle de Haar, Harzuilens.

May 2014
D – May 10-11th 2014 – RPC Köln – Role Play Convention Cologne at Koelnmesse, Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Deutschland Usually more than 5000 visitors, many of them in full costume. Games, manga, LARP, accys, outside renaissance market (“Mittelaltermarkt” in German). Also great fun for kids, but most stalls and activities are geared toward adults.

June 2014
D – June 7 − 8 2014  DoKomi – Doitsu Comic Market at Congress Center Düsseldorf, Stockumer Kirchstr. 61, 40474 Düsseldorf, Deutschland

GB – June 20th through 22th 3 Wishes Faery Fest (Gathering of the Celtic Faerie Clans) at Mount Edgcumbe Country Park, Cremyll/Torpoint, Cornwall.

July 2014
USA – July 25 − 27. Faerieworlds at Emerald Meadows, Mt Pisgah, Eugene, OR, USA

August 2014
D – August 6th through 10th – ConQuest 2014. 5-day LARP event at Rittergut Brokeloh near Hanover. Theme is open fantasy-medieval LARP. You’ll meet Steampunkers as well as bards, knights and hundreds of fae and elves. A great adventure to live (with kids, if you like) for 5 days inside a fantasy.

D – August 13- 17th 2014. Gamescon at Kölnmesse (Fair Cologne), Messeplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Deutschland.

D – August 20-24th 2014. EuroFurence (for the Furries among the fae :). at Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin. Entrance only for people over 18!

GB- August 29th. Faery Ball at Glastonbury Town Hall

September 2014
NL – September 20th and 21st – Elfia event at Arcen (near Venlo). Kasteeltuinen Arcen (Castlegardens of Arcen), Lingsforterweg 26, 5944 BE Arcen, Niederlande

October 2014
D – October 17-19th 2014 – RingCon 2014 at MARITIM Hotel Bonn, Godesberger Allee, 53175 Bonn

GB – October 25-26th 2014 Samhain Avalon Faery Ball and Faire at Glastonbury Town Hall

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