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Redhead, loving Joss Whedon and all things elf.

I write Urban Fantasy and Steampunk.
Years ago, I started out writing non-fiction for publishing houses under the name “Nina Weber”. And I still do that – favorites so far are “Trotzphasen-Survivalguide” and “Mama macht mal Pause”, both with German publisher Kösel.
In winter 2013, Hedge Games came out, book 1 about Alanna and Mattis, game developer and elf warrior.

I had planned to start on the sequel at once, but life intervened: We moved to the Middle East.
We’re still finding out how everything works, trying to put back together something resembling a normal family life. On the other hand, it’s exciting to pull up roots and adapt to such a different place and culture.
I just finished writing Poison Patch, Book 2 of the Astoria Files. Next up is Book 3.  Keep your eyes peeled for that — and for more from Robin Armstrong, Ward Breaker Witch and marshmallow-aficionado.
I hope you like what you read – here and in my books. :-)

I’d  love to talk to you on Facebook and  on Twitter.

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Bibliography and Future Works

Series 1: The Astoria Files

Urban Fantasy with a touch of Romance


1.5 “Winter Kiss” (working title; short novel set in the world of the Astoria Files. Will be published exclusively as a treat for the mailing list in 2016.)


3. DAWN SUN (working title;  to be published in 2016-2017)

3.5 “Under her Spell” (working title; short novel set in the world of the Astoria Files. Will be published exclusively as a treat for the mailing list in 2017.)

4. GRYPHON MORNING (working title)

Total length of the series will be 4 or 5 novels with 100K words each.

Series 2: Witches of Riverdale

Urban Fantasy with a touch of Romance

  1. All Hallow’s Morning (1st draft written; will be polished and edited in 2016-2017)
  2. Witches of Riverdale 2 – untitled
  3. Witches of Riverdale 3 – untitled


Other Works in German

  • MECHANISCHE GEISTER, Vol 4 of the STEAMPUNK CHRONIKEN-series (Steampunk anthology in German)
  • STAUB UND AETHER, Vol. 1 of the AETHERWESTERN (Steampunk/Aether western anthology in German)
  • Avalonia 2.0 (YA in German, working title; 1st draft written, will be polished and edited in 2016)

Schedule of Publications for 2016

With 2 kids under 10 in the crazy climate of Qatar and with endless school vacation, I seem to have more mornings with “mom” duties than writing hours. So don’t pinch me if I don’t manage to stick to my publishing plans. Here’s what I’d LOVE to work to completion and publish in 2016:

POISON PATCH, 3 episodes and box set + print = done

May 2016: full edition of DORNEN-SPIELE  (German translation of Hedge Games) = done

September 2016: Avalonia 2.0 (YA in German, working title) -> postponed

September 2016: FEENREICH Ep. 1 (German translation of Poison Patch) = all 3 episodes are done and currently with the editor.

December 2016: WINTER KISS

February 2017: DAWN SUN  Ep. 1 (working title)



  1. Joss Whedon ist der Beste!

  2. Überhaupt! ;-) Auf Pinterest gibt’s so ein nettes Foto von Whedon mit einem Bogen, drunter steht “Quick! Hide your favorite characters! He’s armed” oder so ähnlich. :-)

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